so much happened. in a short time. or what has seemed as some short time.


So I went to bloody Serbia. Yes indeed, after thirteen years of absence. It was wild.

1. I love that country no matter what.

2. I found a dog being not so well on the streets, with help from Mirjana, took it to Novi Sad and now is under all the procedure to get her here to Italy.

3. Lots of abandoned dogs. My heart broke badly thru these 8 days being there.

4. When I came home, back to Italy, I gathered all of my discarded pieces from previous collections and sold it from 15€ to 35€, all proceeds went to Mirjana and her Heart for Serbia stray dogs.

5. Massive vet bill was paid and we still have something for the urgent needs.

6. I need to do all this more often, but I don't know if my heart can take it sincerely.

7. I might as well try.

Lots of this is posted on IG. If you would like to see and feel it.

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