oh hai summmmmmmmer

summer shadows


Oh yes, this is the most bubbling productive time for me, even thou at the first glance it seems I'm doing nothing but mumbling about new ideas. But yes seriously, I'm on verge of going crazy with trying to test all the possibilities new ideas give me. By the way, I'll be going to Balkans in August and taking off the collections that are made to order, if there's anything you've been eyeing lately, example Lithium1 series or Poesis necklace you should treat yourself with one quite soon! I'm bringing some new home decor vibes in September. I don't know if you can tell it, but I'm soooo darn happy about it. <3.

ps. I'll probably post some super personal posts of how my homeland is pretty, sea, evening dinners, chit chat and stuff. Stay tuned.

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